Summer Flower Seeds

Summer Flower Seeds
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Begonia Semerflorens Mixed Seeds

Begonia Used in containers, hanging baskets and bedding schemes, begonias provide continuous colour throughout the summer until the first frosts. They are easy to care for and all grow well in partial shade. Cultivation notes Tuberous begonias are ideally suited to growing in containers and hanging baskets, whilst fibrous rooted begonias make an attractive addition to summer bedding schemes. Begonias for the garden have different cultivation needs so the notes below will help guide you to succ..

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Coleus Rainbow Mixed Seeds

Coleus Plant Botanical Name: Coleus blumei (aka Solenostemon scutellarioides) Coleus plant, also known as Painted Nettle, is often grown outdoors as an annual because it is frost-tender. But it's easy to grow indoors if you can provide bright light. Distinctive leaf shapes, intricate patterns, and rich colors rival some of the showiest foliage plants. Coleus are one of the rare plants that are grown almost exclusively for colorful foliage. In this regard, they're like crotons, but they're sma..

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Tuberose, Rajnigandha Bulbs (Pack of 12 Bulb)

How To Grow Tuberose, Rajnigandha Bulbs: Plant tuberose bulbs in spring when frost is past. Place the Bulbs 3 to 4 inches deep and 5 to 7 inches apart. Soil Shoul be well drained and pick sunny spot for best germination, well tuberose bulbs likes hot afternoon sun. Keep the soil consistently moist before and during the period of bloom that occurs in late summer. Enrich poor soil with compost and organic amendments to increase drainage and texture for the best show of tuberose flowers. Best resu..

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