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G5 Bio Organic Granules (500gm)

Contents : Sea weed extract, Amino acids, Humic acid, Herbal extract and Anti root rot substances. G 5 is an unique patented granular formulation for plant growth as well as for effective preventive measures against pests and fungi.     G 5 contains five different constituents : Due to sea weed extract based product there is overall growth of crops due to plant cell division. Due to blend of vital amino acids, there is healthy and vigorous growth with increased number of flowers..

Rs 189.00

Neem Cake Fertilizer - 1KG -48%

Neem Cake Fertilizer - 1KG

Neem cake organic manure is the by-product obtained in the process of cold pressing of neem tree fruits and kernels, and the solvent extraction process for neem oil cake. Neem has demonstrated considerable potential as a fertilizer. For this purpose, neem cake and neem leaves are especially promising. Neem cake organic manure protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants probably due to its residual limonoid content. It also acts as a natural fertilizer with pesticidal propert..

Rs 190.00 Rs 99.00