Dianella Plant

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Dianella Plant

Handsome strappy green leaves with contrasting yellow stripes will brighten the garden year-round. Stalks of shiny turquoise blue berries lasting from fall into winter create a colorful accent. Neat clumping habit is ideal for mass planting near pools, in garden beds and borders.

Plant Care:

Water as required to keep the plant healthy for the first 8 to 16 weeks

If trimming is required, use a sharp implement and cut to approximately 3 in. above the ground. Avoid trimming in drought conditions, or in the middle of summer.

Fertilize in spring and fall using a slow release fertilizer with a 3:1:3 blend ratio plus micronutrients (Iron)

Weed control:

As with all weed control, a proactive approach is usually the most effective. By increasing planting density and using pre emergent herbicides close to the time of planting, adequate control can be achieved with a minimal investment. For pre-emergent control, use Ronstar at the labeled rate. If post emergent control is needed, Fusilade can be used to selectively remove grass weeds. At this time the only known method for removing broadleaf weeds post emergence from Becca is a directed spray of Glyphosate (Roundup). When spot spraying with Glyphosate, ensure drift or overspray does not accidentally contact the Becca. Do not spot spray on windy days.

Disease and Insect Control:

To date only minor leaf spot (Colletotrichum sp.) has been observed in areas of extreme high humidity that receive excessive rainfall for extended periods. If treatment should become necessary, a foliar application of a copper or chlorothalonyl based fungicide will cure the problem. Cutting back and removing the foliage will also help control fungus.

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Dianella Plant

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