Grape Ivy (Oak leaf Ivy) Creeper Plant

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Grape Ivy (Oak leaf Ivy) Creeper Plant

grape ivy is the plant for you, It’s easy to grow, forgiving when you forget to water, and adds a touch of the tropics to any space. Grape ivy is a vine, so shows to advantage in hanging baskets and urns where it will cascade over the side. Plant it in a container with a trellis and for a bright vertical accent.

Grape Ivy plants require medium to high light, If the stems stretch toward the light and new leaves are further apart on the stem, move your plant to a brighter location.

Growing Conditions

Light: Bright light in summer, but not direct sunlight. Bright winter light also.
Water: They prefer moist, humid conditions, but not soaking. Don’t let soil dry out and keep evenly moist.
Temperature: Ivies prefer cooler nights, often below 60ºF. Many species can overwinter outside and will grow back from their stems. During hot summer days, mist frequently.
Soil: Loose, well-drained potting mix.

Grape Ivy plants can handle temperatures from 40°-90°F (4.4°-32.2°C), although growth slows above 80°F ( 26.7°C). The ideal temperature for a Grape Ivy Plant is 60°-80°F ( 15.6°-26.7°C).
Fertilizer: During growing season, feed with controlled-release fertilizer or biweekly with weak liquid fertilizer.

Ivies propagate readily from stem cuttings. Because they are trailing plants, ivies benefit from trimming—use these trimmings to propagate your plants.

Repot every year into fresh potting soil, or every other year for larger plants. Old, tired plants can be refreshed and planted back into same containers.

The vast majority of ivies seen in garden centers are so-called true ivy, from the genus Hedera. There are actually 15 species of Hedera, but H. helix is the star as far as cultivated plants are concerned. It has been extensively hybridized into a number of interesting leaf patterns and shapes. Growth requirements for all Hedera ivies are similar.

Grower's Tips
The trick to growing healthy ivy is to provide cool nights and moist, humid conditions. H. Helix varieties typically have aerial roots that cling, so the plant can be trained up supports or allowed to trail from hanging baskets. Remember to frequently mist your ivy for best results, especially during dry winters. To keep an ivy compact and bushy, pinch off the growing tips.

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Grape Ivy (Oak leaf Ivy) Creeper Plant

  • Live Grape ivy - Oak leaf Ivy creeper along with plastic pot
  • Plant height with plastic pot is 6-9 inch and pot size is 3-4 inch diameter.
  • plant nature is indoor-semi shade, alternate day watering
  • useful for gifts Plants, table top, ground cover
  • Best foliage plants & beautiful leaves, hardy and easy maintenance






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