Rudraksh Plant

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Product (Rudraksh Plant or Tree) Information:

  • Plant Height: 1.5- 3 feets.
  • Pot size: 4.5/5 inch Dia and 4.5/5 inch Height.
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Division: Magoliophyta
  • Class: Magnoliopsida
  • Order: Oxalidales
  • Family: Elaeocarpaceae
  • Species: Elaeocarpus ganitrus

Definition and meaning of the word Rudraksh

The word rudraksha is derived from two words - rudra (रुद्र) and aksha (अक्ष).

A. Aksha means "Tear Drops". Rudra and aksha means the one who is capable of looking at and doing everything (for example, the third eye). Aksha also means axis. Since the eye can rotate on one axis, it too is known as aksha.

B. Rudra means Shiva's another name of vedic traditions. A (अ) means to receive and ksha (क्ष) means to give. Hence, aksha (अक्ष) denotes the ability to receive or give. Rudraksha is the one that has the ability to wipe our tears and provide happiness.

Rudraksha: A shield against negative energies

It is also a kind of shield against negative energies. It is possible for some people to use negative energies to cause harm to someone else. This is a whole science by itself. One Veda, the Atharvana Veda, is all about how to use energies to your advantage and to someone else’s detriment. If somebody who has mastery over this wants to use it, so many things – extreme suffering and even death can be caused.

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Rudraksh Plant

  • 1 Live plant along with plastic pot
  • plant height with pot is 1-2 feet and pot size is 5 icnhes diameter.
  • plant nature is outdoor, loves full sun, less watering
  • Grows till 30 feet, best landscaping plant and avenue tree
  • Plant is usefull for vastu and religiuos, avenue tree, medicinal purpose.

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