Bamboo Grass Plant

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Bamboo is a generic term for a large number of different plants, much like grass or vegetable. Bamboo varieties are typically perennial evergreen woody-stem grasses that are among the fastest-growing plants in the world.

Although bamboo is best known in Asia, there are three species native to North America, and more than 100 other types can grow in the United States. Bamboos come in a wide array of sizes and growth habits, from low-growing groundcovers to huge treelike plants.

How to Grow Bamboo Plants

The sun requirements for bamboos vary according to type, but all need regular watering to thrive. Don't let them stand in water, however.

Keeping in mind that bamboo plants are members of the grass family, a lawn type of fertilizer with extra nitrogen may be used. When looking at the number on the package, the first number should be the highest, such as 21-5-6. Use an organic fertilizer if possible.

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Bamboo Grass Plant

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