Coffee Plant

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Coffee Plant

Coffee plants – Coffea arabica, it’s been a trading commodity for centuries and grown in Europe since the 1700’s.

Glossy, dark green, 4-5 inch leaves, dress this upright grower.

With good care and a mature plant, small clusters of tiny white flowers develop at the leaf joints of new growth.

As an extra plus, the tiny flowers produce a sweet jasmine like fragrance.

How To Grow Coffee

  • To grow and harvest your own coffee, you would need to have a lot of beans for a good cup of “arabica.”
  • After the beans have dried, they would need to be roasted and ground before brewing.
  • Growing your own fresh brew will take some time as plants need to be 4 to 5 years old before they begin to bear fruit.

Pest and Problems

  • Coffee plants are very robust houseplants, most problems are usually due to cultural errors.
  • Green leaves dropping off – This condition occurs when plants are kept too dark. MOve to a brighter location, but not in direct sunlight.
  • Brown, dead leaf edges –
  • This often happens when plants are often placed in to too much sun. Look for a spot with more shade. If the leaves are completely brown, cut them off.
  • Dried out and withering leaves – Check the temperatures… usually they are too high. Move to a cooler location and keep an eye on watering. During spring and summer keep the plant evenly moist.
  • Leaves lose their glossy look – Usually an indication of too much direct sunlight. Move to a shadier location… an east facing window is good.
  • Mildew – Show its face by causing fluffy gray or white deposits on the leaves.
  • Fungus infections can usually be controlled by reducing water, but do not allow the plant dry out. Major outbreaks require a fungicide spray like captan sprayings two times 8 days apart.
  • Scale – Usually hides under the leaves. Minor attacks can be handled with alcohol and a cotton swab.

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Coffee Plant

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