Out Of Stock Nimboo Kaffir Plant - Kaffir Lime, Kafir Lime, Lemon Plant, Citrus Hystrix, Makrut lime

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Kaffir lime: 

kaffir lime has so many varieties we don't sell with any special named varieties and plant leaves smell also vary according to varieties. Fruits also vary from the description.

 Species description

Kaffir lime trees are small and shrubby. The leaves have a distinctive, wide petiole that makes them appear double-lobed and a glossy, dark green sheen to the surface. The fruit is about the size of a regular lime, with a knobby or bumpy texture on the outer rind. When immature, the fruit is dark green; they turn yellow and fall to the ground when ripe. The fruit has numerous seeds and very little, very tart, and bitter juice. The leaves, fruit rind, and fruit juice are used in many traditional dishes and also as a cleaner, in shampoo, as a natural bleach, and in medicine.

Kaffir lime trees are small, shrubby, thorny trees that can grow to 5 to 10 feet tall. They prefer full sun and a humid, tropical environment. . Providing higher humidity can be accomplished by growing them in the protection of other plants and trees. They may also be grown in containers in front of a sunny window. Kaffir limes are frost-sensitive and should be covered during cold spells, or if grown in a pot, brought indoors.

Citrus flowers are self-fertile and require no cross-pollination, though honeybees are effective at pollinating flowers. In general, citrus trees can grow on a wide range of soil types from sand to loam to heavy clay as long as they are well-drained. Citrus trees do best with a soil pH of 6-6.5, though different rootstocks prefer different soil types. Kaffir limes may be propagated from cuttings.

Water needs
Citrus need about 4-6 inches of water per month in the summer; they are generally not drought tolerant and need careful attention to produce well-developed fruit.

Kaffir lime trees may be pruned when young to encourage shorter, bushier trees. Pruning is also the best way to harvest the leaves and to encourage new growth. Small branches should be pruned in early spring and summer; try to prune them from the center of the tree to create more airflow. Also, try to prune down to an outward-facing leaf node to stimulate branches to grow away from the center of the tree. When pruning, cut all limbs flat to the branch at the point of attachment. In general, citrus trees should be trained to a suitable shape with an open center. There are three primary pruning objectives: increase total leaf area, improve airflow through the canopy, and increase light to the branches.



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Nimboo Kaffir Plant - Kaffir Lime, Kafir Lime, Lemon Plant, Citrus Hystrix, Makrut lime

  • Live plant along with plastic pot
  • plants height with pot is 1.5 feet and pot size is 5 icnhes diameter.
  • plants nature is outdoor, grows like tree, less watering
  • Seed grown or air layering plant, starts fruiting in 3 years
  • Best fruit plant, easy maintenance, fast growing






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