Madagascar Palm "Pachypodium Lamerei" Plant

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"Madagascar Palm" Pachypodium lamerei is a flowering plant native to Africa the island of Madagascar.

The Pachypodium lamerei plant is not a cactus but gets labeled as one. The barrel stem of the "Cactus Palm" is covered with thick spines. It carries an umbrella of shiny green leaves.

Pachypodium means “thick foot,” which is fitting. The plant is a stem succulent plant. These plants primarily conduct photosynthesis through the stem instead of the leaves.

Required Light and Temperature:

The Madagascar Palm is sun-loving, prefers warm weather, bright light and full sun in some locations. When positioning plants, place Pachypodiums in a south-facing window with lots of full sunlight.

When growing indoors you may want to keep it near a heater vent or register to ensure it stays warm in the winter months. During the winter, the plant should never be kept below 55°degrees Fahrenheit. When plants are kept it warm enough, they may retain a few of its leaves throughout the winter.

How to Water and Fertilize Madagascar Palms?

Keep the Madagascar cactus palm on the dry side and water only when the soil is dry. When watering, the plants should be thoroughly watered throughout the summer and decrease the watering during the winter. When the leaves fall off, STOP watering. At the beginning of spring and the beginning of summer apply a balanced houseplant fertilizer (liquid or granular). This will help to encourage new growth during the warmer months when plants are actively growing. However, if your potting soil contains fertilizer, the plants should not need to add any extra.

Best Soil Type For A Madagascar Cactus

Like many succulent and cactus type plants Pachypodiums grow best in the regular cactus soil mix. This mix tends to provide superior drainage, which helps keep the roots from rotting.

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Madagascar Palm "Pachypodium Lamerei" Plant

  • Live Pachypodium Lamerei (madagascar palm) along with Plastic pot
  • plants height with pot is 9 inch to 1 feet and pot size is 4'' diameter.
  • Plants nature is outdoor & love full sun.
  • Required watering once in 5 days. Annual cactus & hardy plant
  • Common Name: Madagascar Palm



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